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In-Floor Cleaning System

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August 31, 2018

It is not often that a single product comes along the ads tremendous value will also enhancing lifestyle and money savings all at the same time. BMR Pool and Patio is offering just thought to our clients. It is the PV3 In-Floor Cleaning and Circulation System by Paramount Pool Products.

What Our Clients Want

Our clients have told us that first and foremost they want a swimming pool that offers them a safe, clean and healthy water environment for their families and guests.

Next, they want to dramatically reduce the time spent maintaining their pool. Maintenance takes your valuable time away from the enjoyment they should be sharing with family and friends.

Here’s how we are able to accomplish this and so much more of just one special product!

Healthy, Safe, Clean Water

Problem: There are many microscopic organisms that be the swimming pool threatening the health and safety of swimmers.

Solution: The PV3 System is comprised of an automatic water actuated valve and pop-up nozzles that are strategically placed throughout the floor, steps and benches of the pool and spa to deliver filtered, chemically treated water throughout your new BMR swimming pool. Since the fresh water enters throughout the bottom of the pool and spa, it circulates water more efficiently and effectively than old-fashioned pools that circulate water only at the surface.

Benefit: You have the assurance and confidence that your family and friends will be surrounded in the safest, freshest, cleanest and healthiest water environment possible.


Problem: Care and security in and around your pool should always be top priority for the homeowner. No one wants dangerous obstacles to either create hazards for family and guests or diminish the enjoyment of your new pool.

Solution: Since the PV3 System will be built into your pool, it becomes an almost invisible sentry to both efficiently clean your pool and effectively circulate water. It accomplishes these tasks without the hassles or dangers associated with hoses or other cumbersome devices that may obstruct your pool deck or your pool.

Benefit: You have the ‘peace of mind’ knowing that your family and guests are safe and protected from clumsy barriers that may create difficulties to them and problems for you.

Reduced Maintenance

Problem: No one wants to become a slave to their stuff. A swimming pool should be a place for fun and recreation; not a drudgery of care and upkeep.

Solution: While no product and promised to reduce maintenance completely, the PV three cleaning and circulation system comes close. Not only will it circulate water efficiently, it also acts as a superb cleaning system.

Each PV3 system installed by BMR Pool and Patio is individually designed by the experts at Paramount, to assure that every square inch of your new pool and spa will be addressed with streams of clean, chemically treated, healthy water. It will clean the floors, walls, steps and benches with a stream of filter, chemically treated water about once every hour. Certainly, this makes for a clean pool environment while piecing the majority of contaminants in suspension to be removed through the skimmer. Heavier debris can be eliminated through the pool main drain(s), where optional debris containers may be made available for your convenience. And it all happens effortlessly and automatically.

Benefit: The time and work of maintenance is dramatically reduced to allow for more family time. And, there is nothing better than family fun.

More – Much Much More

Want to see the cleaning system in action? Check out this video!

This short post only scratches the surface of benefits that are available with the PV3 System and BMR Pools. Future posts can explore additional features and benefits that you can enjoy with your new BMR pool.

As a note, please contact one of our superior sales team members for a more in depth discussion of our PV3 system, as well as other opportunities through a relationship with BMR Pool & Patio.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Whether it’s a sleek infinity pool with mesmerizing views or a stunning outdoor living oasis featuring cascading waterfalls and intricate landscaping, BMR Pool & Patio promises to deliver exquisite craftsmanship and an unrivaled client experience.

Not sure how I can speak high enough of just how impressed we were with BMR with our Pool and Gable. From start to finish it was just an awesome experience. The level of communication and follow up was outstanding. Ky was the best to work with and the entire BMR team was amazing.

John Bagnell

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BMR is amazing. Professional, polite, timely, excellent work, fair price and they leave the workspace clean at the end of each day. Deliver what they promise without high pressure sales tactics. They stay engaged with the homeowner to ensure everything is done to specifications even if the homeowner requests changes. The before and after photos speak for themselves.

Gary Linder

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I highly recommend BMR! I just finished my fourth project with them over the last 20 years and 3 houses. This was a pool and patio extension which turned out beautifully. They are great at keeping you informed of every step in the process and moving things along quickly. Every person was easy to work with. Great team!

Cindy Matthews

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Fantastic experience with BMR. From design to finished pool, they were a solid company that stands by their word. We had a great project manager (Justin) and a highly engaged team to include personal involvement from company owners. And, they finished on time for our summer pool season.

Paul Fitzgerald

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My pool was finally finished last week. It seemed like a long time of construction and mud, but in this time of shortages and delivery issues, BMR did get it completed. Everyone at BMR beginning with Ryland, Heather, and Mike, and the ownership were considerate and efficient. They did exactly what they promised; they delivered a beautiful pool! I am extremely happy with my second BMR pool.

Shirley A

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My wife and I were extremely impressed with the level of service provided by BMR from the initial meeting with their sales department to the construction phase all the way through punch out the experience has been top notch. I cannot say enough good things about working with BMR and would use them again!

Rafael Chac

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BMR just completed our second pool with them and it turned out beautiful again. Tyler M nailed our design request with a modern spin on a lagoon pool and Mason Thane was great to work with throughout the project as the project manager. I was most impressed with the quality and detail of the stone masons (Jose) on my retaining wall , grotto and outdoor kitchen. Very good experience and high quality result!

Matt S.

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Just finished our pool and outdoor living with BMR. We couldn’t be more thrilled! It is challenging times right now to build a pool and Mason was great at communicating and keeping the project moving. Given Mason’s experience he offered great suggestions to make our pool design the best. Thank you BMR and Mason!!

Elizabeth Hamel

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We choose BMR Pool and Patio to design and build this pool and outdoor living area 4 years ago. If you are going to invest in a project of this type, go with one of the best in the area. From the time we walked in to discuss design, right on through project completion BMR was top shelf.

Yancy Stermer

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