Pool Equipment 

Please refer to Pentair's website regarding your warranty on equipment. The majority of your Pentair equipment has a three-year warranty, however, there are some exceptions. Pentair manuals provide the information needed to ensure you get the best quality and long-term use out of your equipment. Pentair does not warranty abused or neglected equipment.  Maintaining balanced pool chemistry is crucial for proper long-term equipment function. It is recommended that your filter and salt cell be cleaned regularly. Pentair colored pool light fixtures have a 3-year warranty; white light fixtures have a one-year warranty; white light bulbs have a 90-day warranty. The shaft seal on any Pentair pump has a one-year warranty.

A one-year, parts only, warranty is provided for non-Pentair equipment, including but not limited to: Blowers, Rainbow Chlorinators, and Del Ozoninator. 

Please call (469) 322-1815 or email Misty Sedillo, head of our warranty department, for assistance or questions.

pentair pool cleaner

Pentair cleaner frames have a three-year warranty. All wearable cleaner parts are not covered under warranty. Wearable parts can be purchased on-line at www.Pentairpool.com or most pool supply stores. Pentair Manuals can be found on Pentair's website.


BMR warrants its work to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date the pool is plastered. Warranty beyond one year is determined by the manufacturer. If stonescape (pebble) is your choice of plaster, it is the homeowner's responsibility to complete and send in the manufacturer's warranty card. To download the manudacturer's warranty card, click here.


Refer to your BMR contract Terms and Conditions page.


BMR provides a one-year warranty for all electrical work on pools and outdoor living

Pool Plumbing

BMR provides a one-year plumbing warranty; excluding leaks due to lack of maintenance. To prevent over heating of pool equipment, always maintain proper water levels. Check valves have a 90-day warranty.

Pool Tile and Coping

BMR provides a one-year tile and coping warranty. Your coping is a natural product with imperfections resulting in a wide variation of color and texture. Your coping is exposed to water, chemicals, wind & extreme temperatures so it is not uncommon for it to flake or become rough. BMR recommends that you check your pool coping quarterly to ensure that water still beads on the surface. We stock a stone sealer that is available for purchase.


Settling cracks are not covered under warranty. Refer to your BMR contract buyer information checklist for more details.


BMR offers a one-year parts and labor warranty. 


Please refer to the Sub-contractors warranty information page.

For Ironscape: refer to this PDF

arbors and patio covers

BMR offers a one-year workmanship warranty.


Gutters- BMR offers a one-year warranty.


Please refer to manufacturer’s warranty.

Bull Grill - https://www.bullbbq.com/warranty/grill-claim-form 

Outdoor Kitchens, Fireplaces, and Fire Pits

Outdoor Kitchens, Fireplaces, and Fire Pits- BMR offers a one-year workmanship warranty.  

You may download the following Information by clicking on th respective pictures below. 

Contractors Certificate of Warranty

Contractors Certificate of Warranty

Atlas Soil Stabilization

Atlas Soil Stabilization

Concrete Maintenance Instructions

Concrete Maintenance Instructions

If you have a warranty concern, please contact Misty Sedillo via our contact page or by phone: (469) 322-1815