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Frequently Asked Questions

Pool & Spa Care/Maintenance

How do I care for my new pool and what are the ongoing maintenance items that need to be done?

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How do I care for my new plaster now that my pool is full?

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My pool and spa light are not working. What can I do?
Near your pool equipment there is an outlet with a GFCI that you can reset. That usually does the trick.
Does my salt cell work during the winter?
When your water temperature gets below 53 Degrees F, the salt cell runs in the cold water off feature so it does not produce chlorine. A red light will appear and it will stay on while the salt cell is in this mode until the water temperature increases.
Do I need to add chlorine to my pool during the winter?
You do not need to add chlorine unless you plan on heating the pool or spa. An easy way to add chlorine is to purchase a chlorine floater and place that in your pool with several chlorine tablets.
How soon can I use my heater after the pool/spa has been plastered?
The manufacturer requires 21 days before using the heater.
Why does my spa drain while the pool is in freeze protection mode?
During freeze protection, your settings alternate between pool and spa mode. Follow these instructions: menu, settings, delay, valves, ON. (If the valves are off, the spa will drain slightly into the pool.)
Why does my pool water evaporate in cold temperatures?
Evaporation can occur due to wind and running water features. During freeze protection, when your pump is running continuously, you will have a lot of evaporation.
What factors change my water chemistry quickly?

Here are a few factors that can change your water chemistry: rain, pets, multiple swimmers, adding water, high wind, dirt, and big temperature swings.

What is the normal range for my pump to run?
You should run the pump at the lowest speed possible and still be able to accomplish the water feature look you are going for.
Why is the water barely trickling out of my spa, and why are my water features weak?

If water is trickling, you may need to clean the filter. Another possibility is an obstruction in your skimmer basket or pump basket. Also be sure that your water level is full.

What can happen when my filter pressure gets too high (i.e filters are dirty)?
Your heater will not fire, water features will run low, there will be minimal flow in the pool, algae problems, low chlorine levels, and your salt cell may not function properly. It is important to keep your filters clean.


How do I remove calcium build up from tile and walls?

Calcium is a common problem resulting from poor water chemistry. To address this problem, please go to your local pool supply company and purchase a recommended calcium remover product.

Why do I have condensation on my concrete?

The difference in the humidity or air temperature and the temperature of the concrete can cause there to be condensation. It is normal and does not mean your concrete is defective in any way.

Why is my stamped/sealed concrete have some white/cloudy patches?

These white patches are typically caused by moisture. This could come from a sprinkler or plant or flowering pot that is being watered and leaving the concrete moist.

I need to re-stain my arbor, where can I purchase the stain?

BMR uses Ready Seal which can be purchased at Lowes.

How often do I need to replace my DOS (Deco seal)?

DOS is the substance between your coping and decking that prevents water and moisture from getting underneath your deck and/or coping. When you start seeing cracking or separation, it is time to replace your DOS.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Whether it’s a sleek infinity pool with mesmerizing views or a stunning outdoor living oasis featuring cascading waterfalls and intricate landscaping, BMR Pool & Patio promises to deliver exquisite craftsmanship and an unrivaled client experience.

Not sure how I can speak high enough of just how impressed we were with BMR with our Pool and Gable. From start to finish it was just an awesome experience. The level of communication and follow up was outstanding. Ky was the best to work with and the entire BMR team was amazing.

John Bagnell

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BMR is amazing. Professional, polite, timely, excellent work, fair price and they leave the workspace clean at the end of each day. Deliver what they promise without high pressure sales tactics. They stay engaged with the homeowner to ensure everything is done to specifications even if the homeowner requests changes. The before and after photos speak for themselves.

Gary Linder

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I highly recommend BMR! I just finished my fourth project with them over the last 20 years and 3 houses. This was a pool and patio extension which turned out beautifully. They are great at keeping you informed of every step in the process and moving things along quickly. Every person was easy to work with. Great team!

Cindy Matthews

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Fantastic experience with BMR. From design to finished pool, they were a solid company that stands by their word. We had a great project manager (Justin) and a highly engaged team to include personal involvement from company owners. And, they finished on time for our summer pool season.

Paul Fitzgerald

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My pool was finally finished last week. It seemed like a long time of construction and mud, but in this time of shortages and delivery issues, BMR did get it completed. Everyone at BMR beginning with Ryland, Heather, and Mike, and the ownership were considerate and efficient. They did exactly what they promised; they delivered a beautiful pool! I am extremely happy with my second BMR pool.

Shirley A

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My wife and I were extremely impressed with the level of service provided by BMR from the initial meeting with their sales department to the construction phase all the way through punch out the experience has been top notch. I cannot say enough good things about working with BMR and would use them again!

Rafael Chac

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BMR just completed our second pool with them and it turned out beautiful again. Tyler M nailed our design request with a modern spin on a lagoon pool and Mason Thane was great to work with throughout the project as the project manager. I was most impressed with the quality and detail of the stone masons (Jose) on my retaining wall , grotto and outdoor kitchen. Very good experience and high quality result!

Matt S.

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Just finished our pool and outdoor living with BMR. We couldn’t be more thrilled! It is challenging times right now to build a pool and Mason was great at communicating and keeping the project moving. Given Mason’s experience he offered great suggestions to make our pool design the best. Thank you BMR and Mason!!

Elizabeth Hamel

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We choose BMR Pool and Patio to design and build this pool and outdoor living area 4 years ago. If you are going to invest in a project of this type, go with one of the best in the area. From the time we walked in to discuss design, right on through project completion BMR was top shelf.

Yancy Stermer

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