Polaris Pool Cleaners Provide Cleaning You Can Count On


At BMR Pool and Patio, we aim to deliver a simplified and elevated pool experience to facilitate meaningful backyard memories. That’s why we are committed to using only the highest quality pool equipment on the market, such as the acclaimed line of Polaris automatic pool cleaners.

For more than 40 years, Polaris has been the most-trusted name in automatic pool cleaning. Leading the way with their iconic three-wheel designed pressure cleaners that easily climb all pool surfaces and vacuum a wide variety of debris types, it’s no surprise that Polaris is a household name for pool owners everywhere.

Due to the overwhelming satisfaction our customers have with their Polaris cleaners, we continue to recommend these reputable pressure cleaners for pools with a dedicated pressure or return line. For outstanding cleaning, we particularly like the top-of-the-line Polaris Vac-Sweep® 3900 Sport, which delivers unmatched vacuum power and incomparable convenience while offering advanced features such as an all-wheel PosiDrive system with a stainless steel chain that provides 50% more torque to better climb walls and to clean all pool surfaces.

Most pressure cleaners require a booster pump, and the Polaris PB4SQ multistage booster pump is an ideal choice. Offering quieter operation and high-efficiency, the PB4SQ reduces energy use, allowing you to save.  

Simply put, Polaris puts peace of mind and convenience at the forefront of all their product designs. So, we will continue to use Polaris brand products in our client’s pools — because our customers deserve only the best.

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