The Importance of the Deck-O-Seal Mastic Joint for Swimming Pools

What is Deck-O-Seal?

BMR pool and patio deck-o-seal mastic joint
BMR pool and patio deck-o-seal

Although the name implies it, we are not talking about a seal here. Deck-o-seal, also known as mastic joint, is a tiny joint that is extremely important for your pool and decking. The mastic joint is a liquid product that gets installed at the completion of the pool project and usually takes 24 hours to dry. It is the expansion compound found between the coping of a pool and the decking.

photo credit: pro touch pool services

photo credit: pro touch pool services

Why the Deck-O-Seal Mastic Joint is Important

The mastic joint is a very important seal that keeps water and moisture from entering the space between the pool and the deck. It is crucial for homeowners to inspect this joint for any visible signs of cracking or shrinkage.

What to do if the Mastic Joint Cracks or Shrinks

If the mastic joint in your pool shows visible signs of cracking or shrinkage, it is very important that it is removed and replaced. If replacement does not take place, the water and moisture can enter into the soil, causing instability. This is particularly problematic if clay is in your backyard.

Expanding clay happens when clay based soil becomes dry and in a contracted state over a period of time. Once the water and moisture start to seep into the clay, expansion occurs, causing the pool deck to rise. This also loosens the coping. It is almost impossible to get the pool decking back to its original level after this has occurs, making it even more important to monitor the mastic joint. 

Managing the Mastic Joint

The best way to manage your mastic joint is through weekly observations. Simply take a quick glance at it and make sure you do not see any cracks or shrinkage. This will ensure your pool deck stays level. 

BMR pool and patio deck-o-seal