How to Save Money on Your Swimming Pool During The Winter

Cut energy costs this winter by adjusting your pool pumps running time.

During the Spring and Summer months, BMR Pool and Patio recommends running your swimming pool pump for 10-12 hours. This run time ensures optimal chlorination and filtration, keeping algae and other dirt away!

However, during the winter months, the water in your swimming pool can drop below 40 degrees F. The cold temperature makes it very difficult for algae to grow. Therefore, it is not necessary to keep your swimming pool pump running for 10-12 hours like you would in the heat of the Spring or Summer. Instead, you can get away with running it for about half the time, roughly 4-6 hours.

So you might be wondering, how does running my swimming pool pump half the time save me money? Well running a pump requires an output of energy... less running time equates to less energy, and less energy equates to less money.  

So, save money this winter and cut your costs in half by shortening the running time of your swimming pool pump. And hey, then you can use the money that would have been spent running your pump on something else you might enjoy, like an outdoor patio or grill!

Stay tuned for more outdoor living tips and tricks!